Our ongoing THROBSTARTER 2 CAMPAIGN (started in Summer 2013) has raised over $1,000 so far to help with post-production funds. Please consider helping us out by pre-ordering the film and other goodies before the film’s release in Summer 2015. Click on the Throbstarter 2 link below.

  • Check out our Throbstarter 2 Campaign page with video, details and rewards levels HERE.
  • View details and levels from our first Throbstarter Campaign HERE.
  • See a list of all our wonderful Throbstarter Supporters HERE.

We created THROBSTARTER as a way to raise funding for our all-volunteer cast and production team for our independent parody film The Throbbit. Using the models of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we are able to keep more of the money raised for ourselves than we would through either of those fundraising sites.

In early 2013, our first campaign was a huge success with 114 supporters and raising $6,650 to put towards the film. While this covered a large part of the budget, we still do have expenses as we continue to film the movie. The money goes mainly into the costumes, make-up, sets, props, puppets and feeding the cast and crew during filming.

We are reaching out again with our Throbstarter 2 Campaign to raise an additional $1,000 to help with the completion of production, which wraps at the end of August. While many things have been generously donated to us during filming, we still have a number of unavoidable expenses, so any help would be appreciated.

Your support will get you some awesome rewards, depending on the level you choose ($5 up to $100) including a signed Throbbit DVD or download, movie poster, and official t-shirt.

Thank you for supporting this ambitious independent film project!