Bryce Cone  Bobo Buggins
Randolf the Wizard    Scot Purkeypile
Himself  Kiran Shah
Torrent the Dweeb King    Will Wreggelsworth
Floppy the Dweeb    Dakota Word
Qwerty the Dweeb    Geoff Trowbridge
Ram the Dweeb    Paisley Blackburn
Cursor the Dweeb    Joe Haase
Wi the Dweeb  David Boyer
Fi the Dweeb    Daniel Grey
Shmoe the Troll    Dan Parks
Surly the Troll    AC McCray
Harry the Troll    Ed Ernstes
Sweetandsourman the Wizard    Apollo Bacala
Abscond the Elfis King    Steve Christopher
Elfises (extras)    T.B.A.
Rastagast the Wizard    Ben Little
Gladwrapriel the Vegan    Erin Pyne
Frank the Blue Wizard    Michael Kouroubetes
Gooblin King    Ken Dusek
Gooblin Secretary (voice)    T.B.A.
Gooblin one (voice)    Tim Richardson
Gooblin two (voice)    Andrew Swisher
Gooblins    T.B.A.
Scrottum    Circus-Szalewski
Nag 1    Melissa Chapman
Nag 2    Audra Hershberger
Nag 3    Catherine Heide
Nag 4    Rose Waldschmidt
Nag 5    Mary Norwood
Nags (extras)    T.B.A.
Bearat    Rodney Sciba
Spider-Dude 1    Vince Sipocz
Spider-Dude 2    Eddy Bibian
Spider-Dude 3    Troy Scott
Legoblocks the Elfis    Shayne Golden
Frat Elfises  (extras)    T.B.A.
Ogre    Earl Brown-Orth
Brad    Jim Hall
Mama    Sandy Savoie
Billy Bob    Austin Rawlins
Bobby Bill    Josh Brinkman
Susie Lou    Rebekah McCray
Smag the Drag Queen    Zach Gassman
The Benevolent Banana   Kevin McInerney
T.V. Reporter    Courtney Ward
Elfis Plumber    Rob Buck
Throbbits  (extras)    T.B.A.
Soldiers  (extras)    T.B.A.

Bryce Cone (Bobo Buggins) has acted in many independent features, including lead roles in To Write a Wrong, Bloodlines, Kill the Messenger,  The Dork of the Rings, and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise. He also co-starred in the innovative online sitcom Nobody’s Listening. Bryce plays a variety of instruments, is a member of the wizard rock band The Quaffle Kids and Neville’s Diary, and is a middle school band director.

Kiran Shah (various cameos) has appeared in numerous films, television productions, commercials and videos.  Most recently he is in The Hobbit trilogy doing stunt/scale double work and plating the Goblin Scribe. Other films include Legend in which he co-starred with Tom Cruise, and Titanic where he did stunts. He was also involved on The Lord of the Rings trilogy with director Peter Jackson and was scale double and stunt double for all the Hobbits (mainly Frodo) and trained little people on movement and mask work. In 2004 Kiran was back in New Zealand filming The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe playing a character called ‘Ginarrbrik’. Kiran also writes poetry which has been published in Britain and America.  He and his nephew Kit formed a company called Little Kiran Productions and co-directed a short film called Still Living, followed by their first feature film Weekend Lovers. Kiran is a Guinness World Record holder as the ‘shortest professional stuntman currently working in film’ since October 2003 and now hold the record for ‘longest wing walk.’ He introduced The Dork of the Rings on the DVD and starred as Dumpy the Houseschmuck in Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise.  His website is

Steve Christopher (Abscond)  is an actor/producer from Peoria, Illinois.  He has been involved with more than 300 films and television projects, from New York to Los Angeles. He recently saw the release of The Telling, a horror anthology produced by Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho Tep) and Bridget Marquardt .  He is currently working on several film projects, including a few with long time friends Chuck Williams and Dan Roebuck (Lost, The Fugitive, Matlock).   Most recently, Steve worked on a film called Night Club, with Ernest Borgnine, Mickey Rooney, Rance Howard, Paul Sorvino and others. Steve has been busy pursing his late-in-life acting career while maintaining a day job as a corporate architect, raising two very active daughters, and flipping houses.

Apollo Bacala (Sweetandsourman) is a former professional dancer with Louisville based Spanish Classical & Flamenco dance company, Ballet Espanol. He is also Founder and Artistic Director of Dance Pacifica, a Philippine folkloric dance group. Apollo has also been involved in play productions in Southern Indiana, Louisville, KY and at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, OH. As a film actor, his various roles has taken him in Independent films like award winning parodies The Dork of the Rings and Harvey Putter and The Ridiculous Premise both by Richardson Productions. Apollos’ current major Studio film projects as a featured extra to be released in 2013 are: Oz, The Great and Powerful directed by Sam Raimi, Black Sky directed by Steven Quale and Fox Catcher directed by Bennet Miller.

Shayne Golden (Legoblocks)