The Dork of the Rings

See where it all began!

In 2004 Richardson Productions started planning and shooting their biggest project to date: The Dork of the Rings. Combining all three Lord of the Rings films and released in 2006, it was quite an adventure. From winning awards, international screenings, meeting members of the Rings cast and crew such as Elijah Wood, and recruiting Rings stuntman/scale double Kiran Shah to introduce the film on its DVD, it was an amazing and fun-filled journey! We even received a lovely letter from Richard Taylor, head of the Weta Workshop in New Zealand who received a copy of the film.

Visit the official website at to learn more about the film: cast and crew bios, photos, artwork, reviews, press coverage, screenings past and future, and loads of videos.

A number of the original cast and crew will be returning to reprise their roles (or take on new roles, such as Bryce Cone who played Frudo and is now playing Bobo) in The Throbbit, joined by host of new characters and production members.