Summer Update!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! We have been hard at work on the film and it is shaping up very nicely! For the most frequent updates, photos and videos, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook (and be sure to also select GET NOTIFICATIONS on the drop down choices under LIKE) to receive everything. Our page is

We’ve been focused on adding the visual effects, including backgrounds to replace the green screen sets. We’ve also been filming some more stuff including the Hick Town attack, Gooblin puppets, and more. FX Artist Jim Pickens has started coming over on Fridays to really focus on getting FX done together.

Our composer Mark D’Errico finished the first version of the soundtrack which is sounding awesome! Singer/musician Don Savoie also came by to record his vocals for The Gooblin King.

We are also creating all the Throbbit ears for our $75 level and up Throbstarter supporters and plan to have them ready for you before the final HOBBIT movie hits theatres this winter.

We are looking to finish up the film in June 2015 and premiere it in July/August locally and start screenings at conventions like GenCon. This winter we will likely preview some scenes on a big screen and do a Q&A presentation, like we have done for our last two films, to give everyone a chance to see our progress.

Meanwhile, Bryce came by for some pick-up shots and we filmed a little skit we think you’ll enjoy.