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Picture of Muddle Earth Spoof Combo

Muddle Earth Spoof Combo

Now you can own both films: The Throbbit and The Dork of the Rings by the same creators.
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“The Throbbit” 2-Disc Special Edition DVD

Available for pre-order. Products will ship around July 27, 2015. Right now you can save $5.00 by using coupon code THROBBITFIVE when you check out (If you are THROBBIT cast, crew, extras, or supporters you have already received your own separate promo codes)

Produced by the award-winning filmmakers who brought you The Dork of the Rings, and co-produced by legendary actorKiran Shah (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, TheChronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), comes a new misadventure in the land of Muddle-earth. The neurotic Throbbit Bobo Buggins is kidnapped by a throng of Dweebs and forced to aid them in regaining their technological treasures, which are trapped beneath the Silicon Mountain. On a mission led by Randolf the Wizard, they must overcome a costly Troll Booth, the David Bowie-esque Gooblin King, drunken frat boy Elfises, , a contest with the creature Scrottum, and ultimately a fire-breathing Drag Queen called Smag.

Bonus features include:

  • "Making of" the Throbbit documentary
  • Production vlogs from each filming day
  • Movie trailers

The Dork of the Rings” 2-Disc DVD Set

This award-winning 100-minute fantasy spoof stars Bryce Cone, James Flannery, James Hall and David Kiefer. Follow the Throbbit Frudo Buggins as he attempts to destroy the One Ring of Credit before the evil Lord Moron takes over Muddle-earth with his ever-expanding Dork-mart franchise.

Bonus features include:

  • An introduction by Lord of the Rings actor Kiran Shah
  • Dorkers, a 23-minute dorkumentary hosted by Ringers filmmaker Cliff Broadway
  • Convention featurettes starring co-director Jack Peterson
  • Dorky Music videos
  • Fan films, which include the winning entry from the Dork Fan Film Contest.
  • Documentaries The Making of Muddle-earth and more

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