Harvey Putter: Reviews



WizardingLife.com (6/1/11) - Harvey Putter review and article by Xavier Austrone, editor of  Wizarding Life

Microfilmmaker.com (11/1/10)Harvey Putter critique by Eric Henninger – Score of 8.6/10 and winner of their  “Best of Show Feature Film” for November 2010

Bmovieman.com (9/7/10)Harvey Putter review by Nic Brown

Offbeat Movie Reviews (8/24/10)Support Your Local Parodies by Andrew Green, Who Wants Tators??? blog

RogueCinema.com (8/3/10) - Harvey Putter review by Duane L. Martin, editor of Rogue Cinema

Hollywoodnews.com (7/13/10) - ‘Harvey Putter’ goes to Snogwarts: first-ever Harry Potter feature film parody is absurdly entertaining by Whitney Milam


-Matthew Lewis
Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films

“Hilarious…great job, guys!”
- Andrew Sims, MuggleNet.com

“Their movie Harvey Putter and their wrock band The Quaffle Kids have already secured their place in the hearts of Harry Potter fans.”
- Megan & Mallory Schuyler, filmmakers The Wizard Rockumentary

“Harvey Putter is a groundbreaking film, the first and only full-length Harry Potter movie spoof. It will be loved by millions!”
-Erin Pyne, author The Ultimate Guide to the Harry Potter Fandom

“An endeavor of this nature requires endless resourcefulness…the group’s biggest coup was managing to convince London-based actor Kiran Shah. He is, after all, a performer whose credits include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the Jedi and a little film called Titanic.
- Filmstew.com

“Harvey Putter rules!”
-    Chris, Podcast Co-host Alleycast.com

“I anticipate seeing Harvey Putter more than I do the actual Harry Potter movies. Tim Richardson and his crew are pure genius.”
- Abby Hupp, creator of Wrockstock

“I’m really looking forward to Harvey Putter. You guys are inspiring!”
-    Jen Boxerman, Local Coordinator for Terminus 2008

“We are very excited about hosting the premiere of the film at Infinitus!”
- Aziza Aba Butain, Public Relations for Infinitus 2010

“I am very much looking forward to watching Harvey Putter come to fruition. I’ve seen a lot of footage being gathered and I’m already impressed. The final product will be hilarious, I don’t doubt it at all!”
- Lizz Clements, Founder and Webmistress of