Vulassic Park – Digital Download
March 27, 2018
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Vulassic Park (PG Version) – Digital Download



(This version does not contain the delightfully sensual Flea Brothel scene)
Entrepreneur John Hambone has brought the ancient extinct picklesaurs back to life on his tropical island. Vulassic Park is almost ready for an eager public to visit and for Hambone to make a fortune, but the park needs the approval of some experts first, including picklentologists Dr. Gallon Grunt and Dr. Bellie Tattler. Things go horribly awry on the park’s tour however and soon the island is in chaos with with picklesaurs escaping their pens: the Velocigherkins, Dillophosaurus, and the might Tyrannosaurus Dill. Will the heroes escape the terror of the island (and a lawsuit from Steven Spielberg)? Find out when you journey back to a time when pickles ruled the earth!

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