Vulassic Park

Vulassic Park is a 2018 film based on a previous version made by Richardson Productions in 1994.

Directed by: Tim Richardson
Produced by: Tim Richardson, Chris G. Waite, Kiran Shah, Joseph Haase & Kathleen Weidner
Written by: Tim Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes & Chad Smith
Starring: Paisley Blackburn, Rodney Sciba, Geoff Trowbridge, Jim Hall, Barb Riley, Bryce Cone, Jaison Stefaniak and more.

Entrepreneur John Hambone has brought the ancient extinct picklesaurs back to life on his tropical island. Vulassic Park is almost ready for an eager public to visit, but it needs the approval of some experts first. Journey back to a time when pickles ruled the earth!

Year: 2018