The Throbbit

The Throbbit is a 2015 film. It's a parody of The Hobbit series by Peter Jackson.

Directed by: Tim Richardson
Produced by: Tim Richardson, Chris G. Waite, Michael Kouroubetes, Scot Purkeypile, Chaitan Kit Shah, Kiran Shah, Kathleen Weidner
Written by: Tim Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes and David Boyer
Starring: Bryce Cone, Scot Purkeypile, Will Wreggelsworth, Dakota Word, Paisley Blackburn, Joseph Haase, David Boyer, Daniel Grey, Ben Little

Bobo Buggins, a neurotic Throbbit, joins a throng of Dweebs (computer nerd versions of Dwarves) to help them regain their technological treasures trapped beneath Silicon Mountain. On a journey led by Randolf the Wizard, they will encounter Three Stooges-esque trolls, drunken frat boy elves in Jerkwood Forest, a game show contest with the creature Scrottum, and even more ridiculous obstacles.

Year: 2015