Santa Muerte


In November 2014 we filmed a new dramatic short film SANTA MUERTE written by Michael Kouroubetes, co-directed by Kouroubetes and Tim Richardson, and starring Eddy Bibian as Miguel and Paisley Blackburn as Nina. It is a dream-like piece about love, life and death centered around the Mexican celebration of The Day of the Dead which is the day following Halloween, when those who have passed on are remembered.

The 7 minute film is going to premiere in early 2015 and we are completing post-production during this winter. We raised $500 to shoot the film and are looking for an additional $200 to go towards audio equipment for the final sound recordings and mix, as well as to help with festival entry fees if we receive over $200.

A BIG THANK YOU TO OUR CURRENT BACKERS: Ed Ernstes, Barbara Devereaux, John Somheil, Trish Basinger, Joe Roman, Smash Jackson, David Boyer, Cyd Maravolo, Myles Robertson, Stephanie Greenwald, Caitlynn Smith and our producers Chris G. Waite, Kiran Shah, David Henson & Catherine Romano Orth.

NEW GOAL:  $1,000     RAISED:  $945    DEADLINE: Dec. 1, 2015  BACKERS: 17

Below are the backer levels and rewards. Payment election is at the bottom of this page. Thanks for your support!

We accept PayPal, Discover/Visa/Master Card, money orders, checks or cash (in person). E-mail us if you wish to pay by check or cash at

$10 LEVEL 1: Name in credits, downloadable MP4 of film.

$15 LEVEL 2: Name in credits, DVD copy of the film, downloadable MP4 of film.

$25 LEVEL 3: Name in credits, DVD copy of the film, downloadable MP4 of film, 1 ticket to local screening.

$50 LEVEL 4: Name in credits, DVD copy of the film, downloadable MP4 of film,  (3 tickets to local screening OR another DVD copy).

$100 LEVEL 5: Associate Producer credit, 2 DVD copies of the film, downloadable MP4 of film, 5 tickets to local screening.