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Harry Potter and the Epic Film Spoof Heats Up This Summer

The filmmakers who brought you The Dork of the Rings are having a very busy summer screening their award-winning feature-film parody Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, spoofing the highly successful Harry Potter film series. The film recently had its West Coast Premiere in Los Angeles, California at Whimsic Alley and it is currently featured this summer through the charitable Harry Potter Alliance’s “Passing On The Magic” campaign.

The World Premiere was held Summer 2010 at the giant Potter conference Infinitus in Orlando, Florida where thousands of die-hard fans were in attendance for newly opened Harry Potter theme park. It continues to screen this summer locally, at film festivals, indie theatres (even a drive-in in Austin, Texas), and conventions across the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain. It has garnered many amazing reviews from Hollywoodnews.com, Roguecinema.com, Bmovieman.com, WizardingLife.com, and it won Microfilmmaker Magazine’s “Best in Show Feature Film” for November 2010.

Created by the filmmaking team of director Tim Richardson and producer Michael Kouroubetes, the film follows the exploits of the rebel punk celebrity Harvey Putter during his final year at Snogwarts School of Magic. His Headmaster Alfus Mumblemore reveals to him that they are all merely fictional characters in a successful book series, so Harvey and his friends Rod Cheesely and Hernia Grunger must escape before the final chapter closes.

London actor Kiran Shah, who has acted in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Star Wars, Titanic, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (and is currently shooting The Hobbit), stars as the four-foot-tall, blue smurf-like creature named Dumpy the Houseschmuck. “I met them couple of years before at a Lord of the Rings convention in Seattle.

Many Potter fans have also jumped on board to be a part of Harvey Putter’s warped world, from wizard rock bands (Harry Potter themed music), to authors, webmasters, and fellow filmmakers. And even some of the real stars. Emerson Spartz, founder of the world’s most popular Harry Potter website MuggleNet.com, and author of the best selling book “What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7”, spoofs himself with a cameo in the film.

“As the film series comes to an end this summer, it is a perfect time to get our movie out there to the fans and give them something to laugh at and have fun with, as I’m sure they will be feeling rather bittersweet as the final chapter draws near,” says Richardson.