The Throbbit

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New Hobbit Film Spoof Muddles Middle-Earth

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA – Richardson Productions, the award-winning fan filmmakers behind parodies The Dork of the Rings and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, are producing a new feature-length spoof of The Hobbit trilogy entitled The Throbbit, which begins filming in 2013.

Filmmakers Tim Richardson and Michael Kouroubetes made a splash in the international world of Lord of the Rings fans in 2006 with their campy and pun-stuffed version of the epic trilogy. In their film, a young Throbbit named Frudo Buggins must take the One Ring of Endless Credit to Bank Boom to shut down the ever-encroaching Dork-mart store empire. The cast appeared in costume at many Rings conventions where they screened the film and took part in panels. The film has been shown at over 20 conventions and festivals, including RingCon in Germany.

Rings and Hobbit scale and stunt double Kiran Shah became quick friends with the gang and did an introduction on the spoof’s 2-disc DVD. He then starred as a Smurf-like character in their follow-up film, a Harry Potter send-up called Harvey Putter, which became a huge favorite of Potter fans and screened at dozens of conventions and film festivals. Dork and Harvey were both highlighted on and won “Best of Show” awards on their website.

The Throbbit, which is still in development, revolves around Bobo Buggins, a neurotic Throbbit who joins a throng of Dweebs (computer nerd versions of Dwarves) to help them regain their technological treasures trapped beneath Silicon Mountain. On a journey led by Randolf the Wizard, they will encounter Three Stooges-esque trolls, drunken frat boy elves in Jerkwood Forest, a game show contest with the creature Scrottum, and even more ridiculous obstacles.

As he did for marketing promotions for Dork, self-proclaimed genius and director Jack Peterson will be producing a series of videos leading up to the film’s release. Peterson, who has ingratiated himself to celebrities such as Elijah Wood and Justin Long, has made his official announcement about the new film on the film’s new YouTube page at

Anyone interested in contributing their acting or production talents to this amazing fan-made film project may contact the filmmakers via their official website at