Tim Richardson’s filmography


Face of a Child (1994) writer/director/producer
To Write A Wrong (1995) writer/director/producer
Boys in Black (1996) writer/director/producer
Revelations (1997) writer/director/producer
Bloodlines (1998) co-writer/director/producer
A:\kill (1999) director/producer
Plunge (2000) director/producer
Second Sight (2001) co-writer/director/producer
Kill the Messenger (2003) co-writer/director/producer
Santa Muerte [short film] (2016) co-director/producer


Dracula-The Parody (1990) writer/director/producer
The Wizard of Ooze (1991) writer/director/producer
A Business Carol (1991) co-writer/director/producer
A Business Carol-The Remake (1991) co-writer/director/producer
The Mindless Adventures of Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Idiots (1991)

Mary Floppins (1991) writer/director/producer
Grated Expections (1992) writer/director/producer
Macdeth (1992) writer/director/producer
Intimidator 2: Misjudgment Day (1992) writer/director/producer
Plot Sematary, Too (1992) writer/director/producer
Andrew’s Place (1993) writer/director/producer
Sickboxer (1993) producer
Gourd of the Flies (1993) co-writer/director/producer
The Wretch [TV program](1993) director/producer
Vlassic Park (1993-94) co-writer/director/producer
Star Trash: The Nixed Generation (1994) co-writer/director/producer
Star Trash: Scavenger (1996) co-writer/director/producer
Assorted Silliness! [TV program] (1994-1998) 40 episodes director/producer
Nobody’s Listening [web series] (2001-2004) 5 episodes writer/director/producer
I’m Sorry Llama [music video] (2004) writer/director/producer
The Dork of the Rings (2006) co-writer/director/producer
Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise (2010) co-writer/director/producer
The Throbbit (2015) co-writer/director/producer
Vulassic Park (2018 – in-production) co-writer/director/producer